Ring Spinning

Individual Spindle – End Breaks, Speed – Outliers
Production, Power – including UKG Preparatory – Production, Power Utilities – Power

Each individual spindle, machine and utility power points are monitored continuously for deviations. The integrated information help mills optimize the resources – Power, Manpower, Material and Machine conditions.

Spindle wisea data & LED Rov-Stopo Productionb Powerc
Ring frame tick tick tick tick
Preparatory   tick tick
Utilities tick
a. Spindles – End breaks, Speed outliers and Twist
b. Combined information – Production / Power, UKG and comparison of machines with identical conditions
c. Compressor, H-Plant, DB, MSB and SSB
o. Roving stop motion – Optional






Visible indication of End break (types) at the machine side and corners as well as the central LCD
display, enables worker to attend on need basis instead of continuous patrolling causing avoidable fatigue. Higher productivity, Convenient, Lesser work load, Enables flexible and Scientific work allocation.

Managers :

Action based on authentic and timely data helps achieve

  • Set targets and work towards continuous improvement
  • Maximize production
  • Minimize input cost

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