slink-logo-mThe complete process of cop sorting is automated, avoiding manpower and possible errors.Potential to save 9 to 12 people per day, for a 25000 spindle mill (30s/40s Nec) with 8 or 9 Automatic winders

  • Sorts cops of 2 different colours
  • Segregates cops with remnant yarn or mixed colours, if any
  • Aligns to one uniform direction – cop tip to base
  • Arranges pre-determined number of sorted and aligned cops into each set of crates.
  • A crate manager has space to store 10 empty crates and 10 filling-in / filled crates.
  • The filled in crates are automatically moved out and empty crates take the position to collect the sorted cops
  • The only manual function is to replenish the empty crates magazine and transport the filled crates (with sorted cops) periodically.



For more details – Download here