Honeycomb Filtering Unit



Unique and Patented Honeycomb design offers

  • 25% power saving proven experience
  • Least Maintenance
  • Filtering Efficiency>99%

Pre fab

  • No Civil construction, very compact can be kept even inside the department
  • Flexible configuration to handle air volumes of 14,000 to 70,000 cmh



Secondary Filter is of Honeycomb structure(patented) in a sealed housing, with fine / micro dust compactor and a dust collection fan.The cylindrical filter bags are arranges in a cellular structure and are made of fire proof plush filter fabrics.The fine micro dust is filtered out and accumulated on the surface of the filter media, which then sucked off by a cleaning robot.The robot comprises of suction arm with 6 vertically arranged nozzles which moves in and out of each of the 6 filter drum sets and then goes sideways to succeeding rows. This is repeated according to the programme set in the PLC. Micro dust is led to the dust-separating and compressing device, while air returns to the second stage cabinet.


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