Auto Cone-Packing fully Integrated with the Mill Information System

  • Automatic wrapping of cones
  • Grouping in columns and rows – for placing inside the Carton or Pallet in each row.
  • Carton – of different sizes to suit varying no. of cones and weights
  • Printing on the Carton / Bag – with bar code as an option
  • Integrated to the Mill Information System – ERP for auto generation of Invoice / Packing list / Tracking system / Inventory

The solution can be customized for individual mill conditions

Feeding the Cones onto the Conveyor Poly Wrapping of Cones Cones formed into the Preset Matrix (each layer), 3×3, 3×2 etc
Placing each layer of cones inside the carton Strapping of Cartons and Labeling by Applicator Palletising the Cartons



  • Packing quality: uniform and consistent
  • Avoid errors and mix ups
  • Enables tracking in case of complaints / verification
  • Integrated information system (Production, Inventory / Warehouse , Dispatch & Sales )
  • Saving manpower


For more details – Download here